Hello world!

I plant for the wildlife as well as myself. Real plantaholic in a quite eclectic way, but lover of cottage garden flowers especially. Member of Hardy Plant Society and RHS and Kew. Especially like heucheras and pulmonarias and clematis and have several different ones as well as hellebores. Unfortunately as I am disabled with osteoarthritis and a very bad back I am limited in my activity but am excellent at buying plants if not planting them! I have started this blog as I Have already been blogging on a garden website but have found it limited in the content – I like blogging even though I don’t do it regularly… not even every week. I like in particular to show people some of the photos I have taken but even more, some of the photos my husband has taken! He is wonderful at taking photos but very modest. I Like to go to the theatre and last night saw ‘Yes Minister’ in London. We only gave it 3.5 stars as although some of the acting was good we felt it was not quite as good as the original TV series. I’m afraid we grade our visits to gardens, theatres, art shows etc as both of us being academics we spend a lot of our time grading student work and it has become a habit! Future posts will say more about me and I will upload the past posts from my garden blog to this site also, but have to go and swim now – keeping active is very important.


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