A busy day…



What an interesting day on Tuesday, cultivating in a surprise. The surprise is that the gardening site on which I was blogging until I started here on WordPress, and on which I have all my details of how I developed my garden, has folded. I need to find out if I can retrieve my blogs… as far as I was aware there was no hint of this coming and some well-known people were involved too.

Tuesday started well with my regular back massage. I have a therapeutic massage every few weeks from a very well trained person with an MSc in Therapeutic Massage and this really helps relieve the tension and muscle knotting. After that my husband said we needed to go shopping – very unusual for him. The first stop was to have some pictures we had recently bought framed. We now have a small collection of current artists’ work – none of which on its own was very expensive – in many cases and this was one such – the framing costing more than the picture!

We then had lunch in Belsize Village – which is a small but pricey area just off Hampstead. Looking in an Estate Agent’s window we worked out that prices were literally double that of where we live, on a foot-by-foot basis. Still, the area has a couple of nice and not too pricey cafes, one of which is Israeli and which sells wonderful bread – especially Cholla and Rye bread with caraway seeds which is  not too heavy.

We then went on our next shopping destination to finish the purchase of two pieces of artwork for our garden. We have a number of small pieces of pottery scattered around and during the Chelsea Fringe this year we discovered someone who sells some original pieces at some prices that are quite reasonable. Some of her pieces – she is a dealer with a gallery in Hampstead – are very expensive but are gorgeous – not that we can afford them – if we ever inherit any real money perhaps.

Then, having collected these we went off to by a tablet computer. We have a small Samsung laptop at less than 2 kilos but add the battery charger and it gets quite heavy. As we are off to China for work shortly we wanted something lighter to carry as I shall have some writing to do, and as we have long flights the ability to watch films of our own choosing sounds good. We couldn’t decide between a 7” and 10” tablet until we realised we could use a Bluetooth keypad. The 7” was thus duly bought but we were in the shop for ages whilst they found out how we could transfer all the MS Office files back and forth without losing formatting etc. they finally found us some software and so off we went to the next stage of our day.

By now we were very thirsty and needed to stop and rest having driven all over North London and found ourselves in the Crown Moran in Cricklewood and was very surprised and impressed by their atrium atmosphere and prices for tea and cake. Lived near here for 6 years and never been in… will go again.

I finished the day with Book Club – so really very busy….


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