Cookery for Vegetarians and other things

English: Shiitake mushrooms cooked with garlic...

English: Shiitake mushrooms cooked with garlic. Français : Champignons shiitake cuisinés à l’ail. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As some many people my age, I have put on a bit of weight [I blame the steroids mind you…] and so am on the Weightwatchers diet plan. This isn’t one of their recipes but one from the wonderful Able and Cole organic food boxes, amended by me. I have used the WW site to calculate the points, so it should be accurate and can be changed if you like, and then you can change the points for what you add or take away, but as it stands a: it is vegetarian; and b: I tried it last night and we liked it!

Suddenly Stroganoff as per Able and Cole recipe



ProPoints® Value:    13

Servings:  2
Preparation Time:  10 min
Cooking Time:  30 min
Level of Difficulty:  Easy




250 g Mushrooms

1 medium Onion, All Types

2 clove(s) Garlic

2 teaspoons Oil, Olive

Herbs: rosemary, parsley

2 portion(s) Rice, White Basmati, Raw (medium)

1 glass(es) Weight Watchers Fruity White Wine (small)   optional –

100 g Crème Frâiche, Half Fat

1 tub(s) Cheese, Cottage Cheese, Plain, Reduced Fat (small)

2 portion(s) Tofu, Regular (medium)   optional

Add carrots, squash etc if liked as well and this will keep the pro-points value the same.

Pre-heat the oven to 200C or gas 6.
Finely slice the mushrooms, onion and garlic cloves.
Add splash of oil and salt and pepper, + parsley finely chopped.
Mix together and place on baking tray to roast for 20-30 mins. Can add carrots and tofu (optional, remove 3 points if not used) if wish. Scatter with paprika – hot or regular as you wish and mix well.
Cook rice as normal.
Put wine into saucepan with rosemary and parsley and reduce by half – can omit wine and use stock instead, in which case remove 2 points from recipe. Remove rosemary.
Add crème fraiche and cottage cheese until obtain the taste and consistency you prefer.
Serve vegetables over rice and pour over sauce. Add more parsley if liked.



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