Off to China today: Work and fun!

Kaiyuan Temple, Quanzhou

Kaiyuan Temple, Quanzhou (Photo credit: DarkB4Dawn)

Well off to China today – 11 hour flight…but at least it’s direct with no changes. Our  itinerary is as below and I have already found lots of wonderful gardens to visit at the 3 places where we will have some free time – Shanghai; Xiamen; and Beijing. The other 3 places will just be work stops. We have arranged to have the weekends on either end and in the middle as free time and so we shall rush around on those days visiting madly… Must try and get to this temple though –







I hope to have some great photos to bring back with me but it is likely to be a month before I can post them up – or indeed, unless very lucky, post anything to my blog at all. I have lots of material I still want to write up and hope to find time time to undertake some word-processing on the flights, but my book – academic I’m afraid and thus not interesting unless you are a student undertaking a dissertation – must have priority. I have a contract to fulfil after all.

So the bags are packed- even though we keep finding odd things to add, and we have some weight to spare and I’m looking forward to coming back with some great satin/silk dressing-gowns – dragon motifs and all, and some Chinese outfits for the grand-kids to dress up in! I may even find those pink gloves I’ve been looking for!



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