Knit One Pearl One

“Knit One Pearl One “(Jo Mackenzie,2)

by Gil McNeil
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
This is a follow-on to a previous book [ Needles and Pearls]which I also enjoyed even though it is very lightweight. but makes a a good read when your brain is frazzled – as mine was during my travels in China last month.<br />This is set in a UK beach/seaside town, clearly modelled on real ones and much improved to the ones I’ve visited… A gentle story in the chick lit area with much amusement for anyone who has ever looked after a small toddler – like my children and grandchildren. I was assume also based on some real antics! I especially liked the tiara and can well imagine my grand-daughter going with that one. Very knitting oriented of course, as the author is too- and thus right up my street. Recommended to all knitters out there.; -View all my reviews<


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