The Unicorn Crisis by Jon Rosenberg: Hidden Academy book 1

I read this on my Kindle. it had 4740 screens but not sure how many pages this makes it – but would have liked it to continue as was enjoying it.
This book is written in the first person by a modern 30 year old man living in Stratford-upon-Avon, UK, who just also happens to be a Summoner.

This book, and the series that follows, works on the premise that all fairy and folk or myths and legends are in fact truth. All the creatures we talk about from the Indian pantheon of gods, to the Greek gods and oracles, to Norse mythology, including fairies and elves, are in existence but in worlds parallel and connected either nearer or further, to ours. some worlds are close to us if we remember the characters in them and thus we have to have treaties or pacts with the inhabitants of these worlds to ensure the we all behave appropriately to each other, and that they remain in their own worlds and do not interfere in ours – and vice versa.

A Summoner can summon people or creatures from these worlds and banish them back. they can also summon everyday items such as sandwiches if they so wish. Not exactly magic as no spells are required just a trained mind and strength of will. but they should never use their powers for their own ends or aggrandisement.

Of course, there are dastardly enemies striving to upset the status quo and our hero has a trusty companion – from one of these parallel worlds – and also a trusted creature to help him defeat his enemies.

So a different take on magic and the good and evil battle that we all so enjoy, as these parallel worlds are not always our enemies but they are self-centred and anxious for their own gain and to re-draw treaties to their own better advantage.

This book was good enough that I bought the next two in the series immediately on finishing it.

Oh an by the way – all unicorns are mad – seriously mad….



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