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We are happy to announce the opening of nominations for the first Imagineer Blog Awards.  The awards will be given to blogs in the following categories:

  1. Authorship blogs, which give tips and general advice to prospective authors.
  2. Book review blogs, focussed on book/ebook reviews primarily.
  3. Publishing blogs, focussed on advice on publishing and self-publishing.
  4. Part-work blogs, where stories are presented in serialised form for reading online.
  5. Poetry blogs, where poetry is presented in blog format.
  6. Photoblogs, where photography is the primary feature of the blog and may involve books/ebooks about photography or photo “gallery” books/ebooks.

You are invited to submit your nominations for any or all of the above in the comments attached to this post.  Nominations close at Midnight (GMT) on 21st January, 2013.

The winners of the awards will be entitled to display the blog awards “button” on their blogs, and to announce their success…

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