This complements my thoughts – but I only saw the programme in Jan 2013… too many stored on the PVR!

Compound Interests

Last night I watched a very enjoyable documentary put together by Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks on Science vs Religion and was inspired to explore some of the things raised in a blog post.

It’s great to see debate on such a controversial topic. It’s one that has always intrigued me and, this summer, I read Christopher Hitchens’ “God is Not Great”. This was a book so atheist that it challenged even my position as an agnostic!

I found much of the programme thoughtful and found myself agreeing with Lord Sacks a lot more than I had expected. However, the opening narrative made a comment that I simply can’t agree with:

for centuries religion and science stood happily side by side. But in the last few decades that relationship has broken down.

This is fundamentally not true. All that has changed in the last few decades is that now…

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