To All a Good Night

Recommended to anyone open-minded
Read in December, 2012 — I own a copy
by Kaje Harper

This is an interesting short story especially as it concerns the issue of homophobia in the police and other ‘Services’. It has a follow-up story which I have not yet read, but will add to my ‘to-read’ pile… Breaking Cover.

This storyline is very current due to the discussions around the legality of same-sex marriage being held here in the UK. And can they marry in church etc as well as having a Civil Partnership.
I have looked up the book, the Front Runner by Patricia Nell Warren that is central to this story and found that it was published in 1974 and that they will be making a film of it – or have made a film of it, I wasn’t clear on this. This book is about gay love in the sports arena – still an issue it seems by the reluctance of many players to admit their sexuality openly.
The timeline to the Front Runner is 1974-8 and is the story of Harlan Brown the track coach at a small US College. He left his previous job to the actions of a malicious student. Although attracted to men, Harlan married and had children, with occasional furtive male assignations.
The student accusations made him unemployed and he supported himself for 2 years as a male prostitute until the college job was offered upon which he went back into the closet. While at the college he trains 3 openly gay runners and falls for one who then runs in the Olympics. Then tragedy but hope follows.
This particular book was a best seller and sold over 10 million copies by 2006 and has been translated into 9 languages and has 2 sequels.
I confess I have not yet read the Front Runner but it does seems interesting. In ‘To All a Good Night’ the hero is also in the closet and is scared of what might happen if he admits to his police colleagues that he is gay and that he has a serious boyfriend who wants to declare their relationship.

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