Versatile Blogger Award and 7 things about me:

A "Bow Bells" milepost on the London...

A “Bow Bells” milepost on the London to Lewes road (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I would very much thank Julie at What a Crazy Life for nominating me for this award []; I am very honoured as I have only been blogging for 3 months now and to get an award so soon is amazing… She keeps me motivated as she keeps coming back saying she likes what I have written so…

Anyway as part of this I have to tell her 7 things about myself – here they are:

  1. When at university my hair reached my waist , was very thick and very curly indeed.
  2. I am contracted to write a book about Postgraduate Research Methods;
  3. My original hair colour was jet black;
  4. I am a genuine cockney as I was born in a hospital within the sound of Bow Bells in London;
  5. I can read very fast – more than a page a minute – I learnt to speed read when at school to get through all the books…
  6. I can read, watch TV, and knit at the same time and keep track of all 3;
  7. I am not good at baking cakes.

and to nominate 15 other blogs. This took some time to do as being so new to this I have not searched around WordPress widely for interesting sites to look at. This award inspired me to do so and I found some great sites! So the fifteen sites I would like to nominate are:








Now I guess I have to go to these sites and tell them?

Anyway, thanks again for nominating me and I’ll try and keep up the ‘good work’.


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