Laozi: the space that we use


Laozi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thirty spokes join together at one hub

But it is the hole in the centre

That makes it operable

Clay is moulded into a pot

But it is the emptiness inside

That makes it useful

Doors and windows are cut

To make a room

It is the empty spaces that we use

Therefore existence is what we have

But non-existence is what we use

  • Laozi caught flapping his mouth in Suzhou (
  • note, when in Suzhou we missed this statue – luckily it would seem. We went to the famous garden not the lake, but it had its own water within it. See my photo below. PS: this is a ‘bucket list’ garden – top ten in the world. More photos will be seen shortly on their blog.
One of the sights within the Humble Administrator's garden in Suzhou

One of the sights within the Humble Administrator’s garden in Suzhou

2 thoughts on “Laozi: the space that we use

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