Bumbles – earlies! Clematis and nectar.

Taken in Regents Park More on: UK wildlife blog

Taken in Regents Park More on: UK wildlife blog (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I saw a white -tailed bumble bee in my garden.

It was gathering nectar from the winter flowering clematis. This was Wisley Winter Cream but I do have 3 others in flower also, 2 ‘Landsdown Gems’ and one Freckles. Far too early for a bumble – but obviously woken up by the sun. Glad I have some nectar for it. There are heathers and primroses too in flower. This is the list of clematis in flower now with pictures of their flowers.

clematis winter jan 2013

5 thoughts on “Bumbles – earlies! Clematis and nectar.

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    1. ukgardenfiend Post author

      We love them too – and several varieties come to our garden. It will have gone back to its nest last night though as the temperature dropped to 2 degrees C and there is a frost now. So just picked up some nectar to keep it going for another month or two perhaps. Thank you for stopping by and reading the blog.



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