Bond, Bargain and Boom

English: 1995 BMW Z3 from the James Bond film ...

English: 1995 BMW Z3 from the James Bond film “GoldenEye” in BMW Welt museum,Munich (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Went to see the new Bond film at a matinee at the Tricycle Cinema, N. London. Yes, a matinee, and yes, the cinema was over 1/3 full of ‘greys’. Not surprisingly of course, as the seats were only £4.50 for Brent Council residents AND that included a cup of tea – but not coffee.

In fact tea and cake – a lovely Red Velvet layered sponge being available – very yummy indeed – was only £3.50 full price in the bar.

Did we enjoy the film? A resounding yes, and some friends we met there also enjoyed it, even though we spotted one or two incongruities, especially in retrospect. At the time you are caught up in the sheer vitality, fast action and good acting to care about such things.

The opening sequence could have been shortened but the train chase was so reminiscent of early cops and robbers it was great fun. The humour in the film tended to work and the casting of Q was a nice touch. The villain from within and the use of computers as weapons meant that it was current, but there was plenty of ‘boom’ for those who like it, and of course as is traditional in a James Bond film there were guns and dynamite and spectacular car and motor-bike chases and demolitions. Interestingly, the females were less overtly sexual than in previous movies and there was much less sex and seduction in the story-line. And what can you say about M? wonderful performance as always from Judi Dench – we are great fans of her and always have been whether TV, stage or film.

The Universe is bringing coincidences my way at the moment. The F2F Book Club book was ‘The Morning Gift‘ by Eve Abbotson and which we discussed this week, is about Jewish Refugees leaving Europe just pre-war; and the first physical book that i picked up at random from my ‘to read’ pile beings with Jewish refugees leaving Europe just pre-war but to go to Shanghai instead of the UK.  I have just visited Shanghai in my China trip in November/December last year. and the Bond film has a significant set of scenes played out in Shanghai and yes, we recognised the sky-line across the Bund! The other major scenes in the Bond film are set under London, partly in the London Underground Tunnels which links to the Jon Rosenberg book I have just read ‘Whispers Under the Ground’ Which is about subterranean London. And finally, as a complement to both Bond and book, it is London Underground’s 150th Anniversary this week of running its first trains!


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