Very special bread and butter pudding

Liège style waffle

Liège style waffle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We’ve got visitors trekking through the snow even as I write… and I thought they deserved a special treat for coming all the way to us from ‘oop north’ as it is said… So I invented the recipe below as I went along this evening. I hope they like it – but what’s not to like?



ProPoints® Value:    8 per person
Servings:  6
Preparation Time:  0 min
Cooking Time:  0 min
Level of Difficulty:  Easy




12 individual Toasting Waffles
2 teaspoons Sugar, Light Brown  or 4 teaspoons half cal sugar
50g  Raisins   or mixed dried fruit [the peel adds extra niceness]
2 teaspoons Butter   or 4 tsps low fat spread
1 pint(s) Milk, Semi Skimmed
  2 medium Egg, Whole


Put a little butter under the waffles and layer waffles with more butter, sugar and dried fruit.

Make egg custard with milk and egg. Whisk egg, add milk and then whisk lightly again. You don’t need to add extra sugar as the waffles are sweet already.

Strain onto waffles.

Bake approx 1 hour at very low heat eg mark 3 Gas.

Enjoy! [if you can spare a little vanilla ice-cream to add to your serving it is extra extra nice….

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