Awards: I am so happy…

I have been awarded 4 new awards and I am really very happy indeed… I have now worked out also how to put them onto my blog in the Sidebar so that they can be seen.

They were all awarded to me by the lovely SageDoyle! 🙂 Do go read some of her poetry – it is really thought provoking and can be very moving indeed.

The rules say that I must start nominating other people for these awards in return and I will, but one at a time, so look out bloggers for my nominations… it might be you being awarded…

In the meantime, here are some more snow photos for you to ponder on… we have lights at night-time in both front and back. The first 2 photos are of the back garden, and the second two of our front garden.

20130120_165325 20130120_165309-1 20130120_165201 OUr gardens in the snow - lit up at night


2 thoughts on “Awards: I am so happy…

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