Pet sitter; intelligent novels; and confusion

Two recent quotes I have come across that seem to me to be quite significant are the following: In particular, as for the first one, many authors would try to make us believe that they are the intelligent ones – not us, their readers – and certainly that the book is intelligent in some way and perhaps that this may reflect on them? And yet the implication of this statement is that a work of art, in its creation, becomes more than the sum of its component parts. It becomes the 5 of the 2+2 equation.
“Great novels are always a little more intelligent than their authors” by Milan Kundra.
The second quote is by Graham Swift. He said:
“A novel should cater for the fact that life is mostly confusion, that most people’s inner sense is of not knowing, rather than knowing.”
I suspect that what he is critiquing is any novel where the plot is obvious and follows as expected. Where characters are simple and one dimensional and behave in expected ways and where life proceeds in an amiable and desirable manner with little or no wrong turns, mistakes, or misunderstandings. Real life does not do that. We spend most of our life confused and wondering where we are going and why?
I have a lot of book reviews that have been written in my little book and bits of paper that I carry everywhere with me, but that have not yet been transferred to the computer and to my GoodRead site. When I put a review on there, i also copy it to here. So you will now see a small snowstorm of book reviews coming out!!
Book 1

This book is part of the Jenna Stack series.
The dedication at the front indicates that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the novel will go to a Pet Adoption charity, and this is particularly nice.

the story is based around a mature US College student struggling to make ends meet by working at many part-time jobs. So far, nothing new on the plot… I do have some sympathy for these students as I am more than aware that higher education, especially at PG level, has become increasingly expensive.
the novel follows the complex, complicated, and certainly not planned life of this student who, at the start of the book, leaves her long-term boyfriend thus making herself homeless, and of course, broke.
Jenna is studying criminology and of course this is what gets her into trouble.
The style of writing is engaging and the person you expect to be a hero turns out not to be. So nice story twists, especially with the female characters.
Certainly I didn’t guess everything although some things were fairly evident.
Despite the fun of reading this book, I doubt I will read any follow-up books, though i shall certainly look in due course at the recommended list of ‘if you like this, then you might like’…added to e-Books.


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