UNDEAD; Loch Ness Monsters; Zombies and Dragons – all of them in one!

Alachia GoodReads

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Read in January, 2013 — I own a copy


This is going to be 3 book reviews in one as I liked the first book: the Curious Case of the Kidnapped Chemist so well, that I bought the following 2 and read them immediately.
Book 1:
This series is about U.N.D.E.A.D. which is an agency for the paranormal and supernatural as well as magic control. It’s HQ is in Oxford. U – United; N – Nations; D – Department; E- Enforcement; A – Apprehension; D – Demons.
This particular book introduces us to the Loch Ness monster and her two children; the fact that Sphinxes are very small and furious cat-like creatures with wings and are very vicious indeed – killers in fact.
We also have cryptology, teleportation and a good mix of fantastical elements. The author is having fun with changes to reality, but odd serious points thrown in eg Magic Circle ensuring that any religious fanatics/terrorists attempting to attack anything, will be sent to their religion’s version of hell.
Overall very good fun to read with lots of plot twists and turns – which I like!
Book 2:
Zombie Apocalypse Now
Zombies are all over this book as evident by the title. But with difference. This UK author chose Hull for the big Zombie attack.. not the most important city you might think for such a happening..
I loved the Zombie stuffed animals trailing their stuffing behind them, and the way that traditional zombie/voodoo is gently mocked. Basically, I love the sense of absurdity and gentle twisting of reality to make a humorous statement about life and expectations. There is a dry sense of humour and comedy and comments.
The UK author has written not only these books but also a number of sci-fi books and also a very personal one about losing his wife. He is a GoodReads author so you can find out more about him easily. I suspect that his politics lean more to the left due to the way the book ends.
I have now also bought the 4th book in this series but am saving it up for later.

Book 3:
Do Dinosaurs Dream of Burning Sheep?
Now this is High Wycombe and the Hell Fire Caves – my old stamping grounds…I have certainly visited the caves a couple of times but was really more interested in what they stood for – naughty revelries and a pretence of raising the devil – than for themselves. As far as I can recollect the caves were not very remarkable at all.
Now the idea a Wyrm is also interesting as we see echoes of Dune and the science fiction novel by Orson Scott Card but also Wyrm was an old name for a dragon.
“People don’t usually try to kill me unless they’re trying to hide something .. or I’ve forgotten to put the toilet seat down again”
is a typical quote from this book –
One criticism though is that the women are a tad stereotypical. the stern head-mistress; the sexy mistress; Miss Money Penny from James Bond and so on…
Anyway saving myself for book 4…


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