Bits of me are falling apart – or not….

Author = William Leith

Dec 30, 2012  
3 of 5 stars false

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Read in October, 2012 — I own a copy – posted on GoodReads but not my blog – hence updating now.
An interesting book – possibly more for the ‘boys’ than the ‘girls’ as they may empathise more. The title sort of tells the story and we had hoped that it would be more humorous than it turned out to be.
That said, very interesting collection of random thoughts well written into a rather short story of his day or his current – rather depressing life.
You could argue that a; he deserves to fall apart after the life he has led b; that he really should go to a doctor as the bits that are falling apart could be serious – but c; he is a coward, and d; perhaps his health is so bad that he is going to die young so why bother?
Some people liked his writing style – the author is a journalist for several good newspapers and has published before.

Should you read this? Try a sample chapter or two to make up your own mind. It is probably quite good for a book group as it certainly provides lots of opportunity for discussion!

So only read this if you don’t mind being made somewhat depressed about the state of society and the world. And not if you are a hypochondriac – which of course, the author might be, but I doubt it. Certainly not an upbeat book!


3 thoughts on “Bits of me are falling apart – or not….

  1. ukgardenfiend Post author

    I was not at all sure about this book – but heh, we can’t like them all! And don’t worry about when you pass on the award – I took time too… enjoy your travels. I’m still feeling ugh.. but hope to be fit to see my daughter at the weekend as that involves train trips…



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