Blood streaming, lakes and horrible happenings

Cover of "Bloodstream"

Cover of Bloodstream

Tess Gerritsen and Bloodstream 

4 of 5 stars false
Read in November, 2012

I actually read this some time ago in 2012, but as mentioned I am way behind in my reviews so am using my ‘flu’ time to try and catch up a bit. Yes, we have all come down with the ‘lurgy’, me least of all the family except for our youngest grand-daughter who spent yesterday afternoon running up and down our corridor collecting imaginary items from one end and giving them to Mum at the other. Which was just as well as no-one else was moving much from their chairs… except to eat – or cook in my case. Even her older sister had spent the previous week dropping off to sleep at odd moments which is most unlike her. They both despise sleep and she is usually up around 5.30/6am and ready and raring to go. When we stay with them this is the time she comes into our bedroom for a story in bed, which we blearily comply with!

Anyway, back to the book.
This is one of those very small isolated communities that American scare books are so fond off where nasty things happen at semi-regular intervals. Even the native peoples don’t like the area…
I won’t give away the secret except to say that it is a natural phenomena that is implicated but on the way to discovering what is causing the mayhem and murder lots of scary things happen. Scientists that are evil – or motivated by money lust come into this story too. So it has all the typical ingredients for a good horror story. Thus the ingredients are not original but the way that they are put together are. After all it has been said that there are less than ten – I can’t remember the exact number – of ‘stories’ in the world, and it is just how you put them together and tell the tale that makes a book original. Some authors do it better than others and if you like horror then Tess Gerritsen is for you and this book will do it for you too…

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