Snow and the lurgy…

Sage Doyle’s snowman; sitting in the New England blizzards…

Well, I have the lurgy – or some sort of virus but every now and then I have to get out of bed and do something. I’m not fit enough to go outside and my brain isn’t working well enough to do any work, so I’m catching up with some blogs – hence the snow storm (hehe) yesterday of book reviews.

Last night it snowed and is still snowing lightly here in London so I thought I’d share some snow photos.

Firstly though, many thanks to Sage Doyle who has said we could share the snowman picture above… Sage is expecting, or is sitting in, New England and a major snowstorm, nothing like our small sprinkle and even may lose electricity (again). That is rare here I confess, although I used to live where the electricity pylons were below tree height and there we did lose power quite often.

Anyway, here are some snow photos… the Ice Crystal on our pond were taken by my husband as he is very interested in reflections and the like and water effects.

ice crystals on pond teasel in snow

The teasels are supposed to provide food for small birds from their seeds in the winter, but do capture the snow wonderfully on their heads as well… and the grass seed heads from the Zebrinus grass stand up wonderfully too in the frost and snow.

frosty grasses

And of course this time of year would not be worthwhile without the 4 clematis in flower – not to mention the crocii coming through and the first blue irises, but here is my favourite clematis in full bloom throughout these winter month – Freckles. I hope you like these photos!



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