Vampires, Earth, Wind, Fire and Water:Librarians, Mysteries, Eternal Life.

Little vampire

Little vampire (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Elemental Mysteries Series books 1-4 by Elizabeth Hunter.

A Hidden Fire; This Same Earth; Force of Wind; Fall of Water.

I learnt that Vampires:

  • Have a lot of sex
  • They live amongst us
  • They can’t be around a lot of modern technology – even light switches, as their energy disrupts it – except TV apparently
  • Not all of them sleep through the day, some can stay awake but they do burn up in the sun
  • They are vicious fighters – including the females – and love martial arts and all types of swords – especially hooked ones
  • You can kill them by chopping off their heads or burning them up
  • The Vatican knows about them and even has some vampire priests
  • Some only consume animal blood – best fresh killed – but it makes them less strong than human blood sucked straight from the donor – alive is OK!
  • Sometimes their eyes change colour when they are ‘sired’ into being a vampire
  • The only way they can have children is to ‘sire’ them – change a human into a vampire
  • The taste of coffee is too strong for them – they like very bland meals
  • They mate for life – pair-bonded – and grieve inordinately when their mate dies
  • Even if they don’t like their ‘father’ they feel a tremendous sense of loss if s/he should die
  • Affinity to an element is usually passed down a family line, except for fire which is the rogue element and crops up unexpectedly
  • Garlic and stakes through the heart do nothing for them – their hearts will just heal around the stake
  • Because they live a really really long time they tend to get embroiled in vicious power and political games – which do tend to kill a lot of them…duh!

And then there are the books!

Well book 1 was good enough for me to buy the next 3 to complete the series but I did think that by book 4 we had run out of ideas. Book 1 is very inventive and of course everything is new to the reader so…

That said I had to read them all through just to find out what happened in the end – so they hooked me. Not sure though that I will read any more by this author for a while. Think I’ve had enough vampires and zombies for  a while – have downloaded some samples though which were recommended, and which look fun, as the author has quite a sense of humour and a dottie goddess to boot. Book buddy reading next and book club book to complete as that is good – so far..


3 thoughts on “Vampires, Earth, Wind, Fire and Water:Librarians, Mysteries, Eternal Life.

  1. Jack Flacco

    Great list! I found the statement “The taste of coffee is too strong for them – they like very bland meals” hilarious. I didn’t know that about vampires. I always thought they didn’t like to eat anything other than drink blood. Looks like I have a lot to learn about vampires!


  2. ukgardenfiend Post author

    I forgot to say about why librarians are included … well if you read the books you will see that they are all about libraries and books, and the heroine, is/was a librarian.



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