Choice and Responsibility: Victim and Blame

I have a fabulous book which I don’t look at often enough. It is called: Meditations For Women Who Do Too Much by Anne Wilson Schaef.

Here is today’s – Feb 24th – Meditation.

Choices and Responsibilities

We’re swallowed up only when we are willing for it to happen (Nathalie Sarraute)

When we talk about taking responsibility for our lives, we must clarify what we mean by responsibility  The addictive meaning of the word responsibility means accountability and blame. When women accept that meaning, they cannot bear to take responsibility for their lives or to see other women do so, because, they assume, taking responsibility means taking the blame for where they are and who they are. Unfortunately this attitude puts us in the position of being a victim and robbing us of our power.

It is only when we accept that we do have choices, and we exercise those choices, that we can reclaim our lives. inherent in this reclaiming process is owning the choices we have made (all of them!) and moving on. thus we are not blaming ourselves for our lives; we are claiming them and owning them so we can take our next steps.

I have made some bad choices, I have made some so-so choices, and I have made some good choices. the most important aspect of them is that they are mine – all of them.


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