Xiamen Botanical Garden: cloud pruned bougainvilleas

This was a relatively newly created botanical garden just outside the city itself and thus interesting that money had spent on such a vast undertaking.

Again, it had mountains, a forest and a large lake in the centre with some very interesting water flowers on it.

Lotus Lake and flower paviliion

Lotus Lake and flower paviliion

It had a main road running through it with buses that you could take from one end to the other – could be useful if you intended to spend the day there.. and as was common – the official tea houses were largely closed on a Sunday. So although weekends are a popular time to visit, due to the 5 day week that is usual in China, most businesses are closed on Sundays, just leaving the field open to small entrepreneurs to take up the slack…

One very interesting thing we spotted in this garden was up in the gardeners’ rooms – there were some wonderful wooden carvings underway, but none were out on display. We suspect they were for sale in one of the expensive tourist shops…

Wonderful wooden sculptures

Wonderful wooden sculptures

Overall it was still a garden being developed but a lot of interesting trees and shrubs had been planted.

One thing we found extremely interesting was the bougainvilleas. They had them in all shades and had, effectively, ‘bonsaied’ them, by growing them in small pots and then shaping them into cloud formations. I had never even imagined you would do this to a plant which is essentially a creeper but they did and it was very effective!

Bourgies, scupltures, lakes, forests and mountains

Bourgies, scupltures, lakes, forests and mountains

20121125_030410 20121125_030445 20121125_033601 20121125_043038 20121125_043947 20121125_045926


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