A Book of Days

The Gardener’s Almanac (A Book of Days by Hoyle) tells us:

That the apricot tree will begin to blossom and the peacock butterfly will appear.

I don’t think that will be true for this year. Certainly almond blossom is to be seen and the bumbles are out again. And joy of joy, we found a palmate newt in our big pond! Whilst they aren’t that rare they are fussy and it seems enjoy a slightly acidic pond. Well my husband has been putting citric acid in our water to try and prevent duckweed and thus the water is now right. We await our frogs too, they should be here soon and having a merry old time trying to drown the poor females. pity that zero temperatures are forecast again for the weekend. The frogs like it a bit warmer to spawn…


The meditation for today is self-affirmation.

We are part of the hologram – we are the hologram. When we estrange ourselves from ourselves. We also then lose contact with that which is beyond ourselves.


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