Irish Fairies, Un-american activities, desert islands and aliens

Morrigan Aensland

An Irish police officer, garda

White Bones
by Graham Masterton

Mar 28, 13  ·

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Read in March, 2013
I thought this was a very interesting book indeed as I knew very little about the Irish Garda and certainly this type of mythology around nasty fairies is rare. The denouement was very unexpected, I had a suspicion about the character but not the final scene…It seems that the Irish Mythology does include a Morrigan – who I had heard of, but not that she was as nasty as the one they mention in this text – Morrigan being the anglicised version of her name.
However, there is some agreement that her name is derived from Nightmare and that seems reasonable.
I just can’t wait for the next book in the series about Katie Maguire as a police story to be published as I thought she was well worth developing and was different from many of the stock characters given to female detectives.

The Un-Americans
by Peree Peterson

Mar 28, 13  ·  

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Read in February, 2013
I like the start greatly in particular the list of what made a person an un-American:
*using legal loopholes to avoid tax
* moving HQs abroad to tax havens
* moving manufacturing to 3rd world countries and using bribery to avoid tax and fair wages
* keeping small amounts of manufacturing in the US in order to gain grants and Govt contracts
* polluting rivers and the environment
* using drugs, sex and ponzi schemes
* unproven murders where witnesses disappear
* economic treason.
So the books start with an interesting premise but then degenerates into thin story about factions, bullying, Swiss Family Robinson, Lord of the Flies and so on. A pastiche of various well known stories about being stranded on an island. The ending was too predictable and completes it all too neatly.
I had a struggle finding this author and then looked him (I thought it was a her…) on Amazon where I got the book from (and its companion – see next review) and found out the following:
Peree Peterson holds a masters degree in Counseling and Human Resource Development from South Dakota State University. He is also an ordained minister and sculptor. He worked for the Department of Defense on a number of classified programs before retiring to southern Oregon with his wife, novelist Amy Peterson ( and their dog Ronnie in 2009. He enjoys riding his motorcycle, snowboarding, and brewing beer. He is the author of two novels, The Brotherhood Conspiracy and the Un-Americans.

The Brotherhood Consipracy
by Peree Peterson

Mar 28, 13  ·  edit

bookshelves: personal-challenge100alphabet-challenge

Read in February, 2013
Not so hot really although other people rated it highly.
The usual conspiracy and aliens story really that we have heard before except they are not lizards but highly evolved aliens who have cross-bred with humans – who were created in labs – and are now trying to get back their status as gods… some interesting characters and happenings but not really one for me…

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