Don’t turn Back!

Review of No Turning Back: Kathleen Turner bk1 by Tiffany Snow.

This is chicklit a rather naïve and in debt small town girl moves to the big city to earn money. She works 2 jobs – bar tending and as a ‘runner’ in a law firm. So far so quite predictable for chicklit. And yes, one of the bosses is the Alpha male who takes an interest in her – the curvy red-head just a little over-weight . but then we deviate a little from the romance story we were all expecting and we get into spying and cyber warfare and who can our naïve heroine really trust? Indeed, not even her own senses it seems as a second Alpha male appears who she also fancies.

So she gets involved in dodgy dealings and high class call girls not to mention electoral fraud and potentially espionage. All unwittingly. And always requiring rescuing by one Alpha male or another.

This is good light reading and it keeps the denouement well hidden. Although I had my suspicions about various characters which turned out to be well-founded and valid – at least to some extent.

Will I read the next in the series? Quite possibly.

Not sure I believe that is her real name but she has a WordPress blog and writes about her series and books to come, so check her out.

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