Angels, Magicians, Spiders, Demons and. Vampires.. Spiders?!

Angel Killer (Kindle Edition)
by Andrew Mayne

4 stars

All about magician’s trickery – don’t read if you don’t want to know some of the secrets of their tricks!
Contains the FBI, hacking and computer geniuses and some brilliant stunts carried out. Would like to see more stories with Jessica Blackwood in them but can the ideas be topped? 4.5 stars/
The author has the right background for writing this book as he has worked for and has been, a top magician, and has created stunts for David Copperfield amongst others. However, most of the author’s other books seem to be sci-fi so is this a new departure? Or just a one-off?


One Small Step – The Man from UNDEAD: Darren Humphries

This is a continuation from the previous 3 in the series – it seemed to have run out steam a little and was shorter. I was not as impressed and would have liked more story to it.

I thought that this book was not quite as imaginative and complex in the story-line as the previous ones in the series. It started well with the spider demons in the Senator but the book then seemed short and less well developed. Still will probably read the next full length story when it comes out – prefer to do this as I tend to find short stories rather unsatisfactory reads.

3.5 stars.


Spell Struck book 1 of the Witchblood Series

Here we have an alternative universe and UK where witches and vampires are accepted by the general population – if rather suspiciously. And there is a special section in the police force which they run in order to investigate ‘unusual’ crimes which seem to involve witchcraft or magic etc.

They are not really integrated with the rest of the police and tend to operate on their own as there is an amount of uneasiness about these ‘different’ people – although they are really more normal than many realise.

Tis is yet another book where the fairies are not particularly sweet and jolly and friendly to humans. They are self-centred and concerned with their own world and future.

Bad magic for nefarious and deadly aims is the centre of the story – so nothing new there – but the characters are engaging and ready for further development in future books. The next book in the series is Spell Blind and I shall try that.

3.5 stars – 4 stars.


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