666 and the sign of the devil?

666 Park Avenue (666 Park Avenue, #1)
by Gabriella Pierce

Ukgardenfiend‘s review 

May 08, 13  ·

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Read in May, 2013
I bought this book because I had been watching the TV series here in the UK and thought it was fun.
It seems that the book and the TV series had only a few things in common. these are:
1. The Title
2. The main character names – Jane Boyle and Malcolm Doran
3. Jane is architecturally trained
4. Jane has ‘powers’
5. Building at 666 (or 665)Park Ave.Otherwise everything is very different.
TV storyline.
Malcolm is married and in league with Dark Forces and has dead daughter.Janes lives with her boyfriend. Hired to manage 666 which is an apartment block. Malcolm is very rich and nasty. Jane is semi-innocent from small town USA. But she ‘sees’ things in the 666 building.
Book Storyline.
Jane brought up in rural France by grandmother after American parents died in accident. Grandma very protective of her but Jane goes to Paris to study as architect. Meets Malcolm in Paris. Swept off her feet by rich playboy. Become engaged and goes back to USA with him to plan wedding. And the stories continue to diverge from there.
Found TV series OK to start but then rather predictable and lost interest and stopped following. book on other hand was interesting and compelling enough that I bought the remainder of the trilogy immediately. I thought there was a good central character in Jane to develop in comparison to the wishy washy TV Jane. I much prefer female leads to be strong, feisty and fun.

So I bought the next 3 in the series and have now completed book 2 – The Dark Glamour.
This is where I started to get a little bored. Lots of good fashion statements and advice it’s true but not so much of the feisty Jane as I had hoped. More of the nice Jane with lots of oh dears…
I am going to read book 3 as I have already bought it but….
PS don’t read the article I’ve indicated below if you don’t want to know more of the storyline of the books – I try not to tell too much in my review, just enough for people to decide – or not – whether the book might be for them.

4 thoughts on “666 and the sign of the devil?

  1. Lenora

    Thank you for taking a peek at my site, I’m so glad you liked it. Blogging (and reviewing especially) is a real learning curve for me and lots of fun too! Take care,


    PS I am very jealous that you have been to China ;0)


    1. ukgardenfiend Post author

      It’s the upside of being an academic – they sent me there – and I’m off to Bangalore late June too!…so I’ll bring back some photos of the sights there…I’m quite new to blogging too and it’s always a challenge to think about what readers might want to hear…


  2. Lenora

    Hi there, just thought I would pop by since you linked kindly to my site, thought you might be interested to know that based on what you said, I decided to slightly updated my review and inserted a few little warning notes to make people aware of potential spoilers! Its sometimes such a fine line between wanting to say what you enjoyed or didn’t enjoy about a book/without giving too much away :0)

    Love your site by the way.



    1. ukgardenfiend Post author

      Hi Lenora and thanks for popping by. It is a difficult thing to review books without giving it all away I agree and I often have to metaphorically bite my tongue – what you say in conversation you can’t say in print. Thanks for the kind words about the site – I liked yours too… 🙂



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