Magic Perhaps?

A Touch of Magic by M. Ruth Myers
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Read in May, 2013


This is the second book I have read recently about a female stage magician involved in FBI work – an interesting new twist on the skills required to be a spy or an investigator…
I got a little uninterested in the story just after half-way through as it seemed to take a long time to get to the finale, and yet the final scenes seemed to me , to be dismissed rather quickly – especially as these were what the book had been leading up to all along.
I really thought more could have been made of them.
I can quite see this as a film though – the spectacle of the magician performing her tricks; the tense final scene where will they make it in time? (although you always know the heroine and hero will…)and so on.
I thought there were some good cliff-hanger scenes where you just had to keep reading ti find out what happened next and some good writing and the ending was good, if predictable. That is why I think more needed to be made of it, the components were too familiar what with bombs and timers and people being tied up… films can make so much of these components that the book failed to do. Thus I ended up disappointed and not inclined to read more by the author.
I think most people who want a different (lightish) read would enjoy it though. But don’t expect a surprise ending…
About this author

M. Ruth Myers (also writing as Mary Ruth Myers) is the author of novels in several categories,including her new Maggie Sullivan mystery series featuring a Depression era private eye in Dayton, Ohio.

Her novels have been translated into several languages, optioned for television and condensed. So I shall have to look and see if this one ever made it to TV…

They also have been used in college classes in Japan. She has taught at writers’ conferences across the country including the Antioch, Cape Cod and Mark Twain conferences.

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