Art Deco teatime by the sea

At Richoux, in London.

At Richoux, in London. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Been a while since I posted anything, but I have been writing, just not able to upload for various reasons.

Thought I’d start with:

Tea and cake in Bournemouth

The first of June augured well perhaps for the rest of the month? It was sunny and the temperature reached into the 20s. it Ws so nice that people were out by the beach and by the pool-side, sunning themselves and enjoying this, so far this year the most unusual experience of not shivering, and, obtaining some vitamin D.

Not to be left out, we decided to go out for tea. We were visiting an elderly relative and so decided a nice beach front café or hotel would do and driving down the East Overcliff we found the Cumberland Hotel. And we were not the only ones as the outdoor area was pretty crowded..

Anyway, we managed to find a table and ordered a cream tea or two.

The hotel is modern but very interestingly down out in Art Deco style, all black and white and mirrors. It has a nice Terrace by the outdoor pool (apparently there is an indoor one too but we didn’t explore), but not enough Ladies loos for when they are busy. A common fault we find with public spaces here in the UK. There are always the same numbers of cubicles whether the Restrooms are for males or females, but the men get urinals in addition. So there is always a queue and on this hot day, some of the cubicles were occupied with people changing in and out of bathing costumes.

The bar also has Costa Coffee but afternoon tea is what we wanted and the scones came fresh and warm and were clearly made in house. They were wholemeal with walnuts as well as raisins and were supplied with not only the expected clotted cream and jam, but also a large amount of butter. This was too much. We shared the 4 scones (2 per helping) between 3 of us and ate the cream and jam but ignored the butter completely.

We were also given a nice large jug of hot water to top up our pots. Our only complaint was that the tea was in bags. It would have been so nice if it had been leaf tea.

That said at £6.50 for tea and 2 scones with cream and jam, it was possibly good value, especially considering we in Ibiza – or at least it appeared so…. Sitting poolside on a terrace with the sun shining and people splashing around and generally enjoying themselves..

If you would like to push the boat out, they also do the full afternoon tea with sandwiches and little cakes, but we weren’t up to that.

The hotel also has function rooms and often hosts events.

It says it is a 3 star hotel at 3 star prices but with 5 star service.  Not sure about what the 5 star service could include for us but the staff were pleasant and smiling despite being extremely busy due to the nice weather.

Just a note: we didn’t try and othe the Artisan Teas – see: Just plain English Breakfast! the hotel describes itself as:

The Hotel resembles one of Miami’s great Art Deco hotel’s of Ocean Drive. The decadent splendour of the 1930s combined with today’s urban chic style, our striking image and Miami style pool area, stands unique in its offering in Bournemouth.


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