Bone Fevers: where else can we be ill?

Fever Of The Bone (Tony Hill & Carol Jordan, #6)
by Val McDermid

Val McDermid

Val McDermid (Photo credit: Fenris Oswin)

A long time since I read a Tony Hill/ Carol Jordan book and found it good to read McDermid again. She tells a good story. However, I had guessed the connection between the children several chapters before the end from one clue so perhaps the clue was too obvious? Or I’ve read too many crime novels?
That said, it was good to see Tony less disturbed and for him to find some peace with the true story of his father emerging.
As always the killer is seriously disturbed and commits murder for what seems to them to be a rational reason, but in fact is nothing of the sort, and the killer is not who you expect it to be.
I always like a good technology input and this has some of that too, including some social networking. Although, again, it was obvious to me, at any rate, that that would be where the killer met his victims. It always is these days it would seem!
McDermid usually does well and in some ways this is better than others in the Tony hill story-line, in others, not quite so good, but still a good read if not quite as challenging as others in the series.


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