Moon Calling: Woof and Bow Wow!

Moon Called (Mercy Thompson, #1)
by Patricia Briggs

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Read in January, 2014
This is actually going to be the review for the entire ‘Mercy the Mechanic’ series – as far as I have read! which is quite a long way, but still more to read…
I came across this book when scouting around for something different in the fantasy area and thought why not give it a go? Then got hooked. I like the characterisation of Mercy – she is feisty, capable, independent and a mechanic! Despite having a degree in literature and history. And doesn’t care about dirt and give the males a good beating when they deserve it. Reminds me of when I was younger and better at Judo than some of the males I worked out with – mainly because, like Mercy, I am short, and that gives you fulcrum advantage.
She is all we feminists of the 1960s and 70s wanted to be… but never were and all we wanted our daughters to be, but they were infected by the Princess bug – see the book ‘Cinderalla Ate my Daughter’ if you are not convinced.. by the time our daughter was 15 months she refused, with an all mighty tantrum, to wear shorts or trousers or anything but the prettiest dresses.. and where she got that from we are not sure. Just as our son loved the mechano and guns – and we were card carrying CND supporters and went out to Greenham Common and fed the protestors…
So having read Book 1 I found there were some more and bought 3 more and then .. now I discover there are 9 primary works and I shall be buying them all!
The author knows something about fairy stories and has read the nasty ones as well as the nice ones – are there are any nice ones? I wonder?I spent my childhood with these stories (usually when I should have been helping clean the house) and loved them all even when they had grisly pictures to accompany them. So am familiar with many of the characters involved so far, although Patricia Briggs has combined several traditions in these books – with good explanations.She also manages the story line well in the way we are told stories should go – Background and Set the Scene; Build Up; Crisis; Solve the Crisis; Learn the Lesson. And start the next book.
I like the way each book starts with the last paragraphs of the previous book but in more depth and continues the story exactly where you left off with the same characters but now adding in the new as required. Thus you really should read the books in order otherwise the stories don’t make a lot of sense.
This is really (so far) a 9 book story divided up into bite sized internal stories. If you start, be prepared to read all 9…
PS: As part of the ZerotoHero challenges it suggests using a new theme – this one should be a magazine theme – 2014 it is called and is new. So Challenge 5 was to try out 3 new themes. I tried one and didn’t like it – this one still has to be customised and ‘widgetted’ but i am prepared to go with it for a bit. So Challenge 6 and 7 to come…
Challenge 4 I will comment on in another post as I have something to say about finding other topics to follow!
Any thoughts on this new theme? Do you like it better than the previous one? Or not? do please let me know….

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