Going up: How do my Passions Bounce?

The 60 second zerotohero challenges. I decided that a good idea would be to write up my challenges as I go along. So this post covers several as I have been away and today am confined to bed after an injection in my foot. Catch-up time… So I have completely changed my ‘About’ page. I have renamed some widgets and have been into the blogosphere to find some new topics and blogs. I looked around the zerotohero bloggers as they cover such a great variety of ideas and went from link to link being inspired by what people were writing. However, I did find that most people were much narrower in their topic areas but I am an eclectic type of person. I like an eclectic variety of arts, crafts, books, and topics. I am curious like a cat and my list of things I ¬†passionate about clearly shows this. No tram lines for me. I meander where my bounces take me and rarely in a straight line.. 1. Description of me. I am passionate about so many things and this challenge was where I found this out. Too many things.. that is why my blog is so eclectic! I just decided to list all the things here: in no particular order.

  • Books
  • More books
  • Music
  • Theatre
  • Art
  • Gardens
  • Plants
  • Flowers
  • Interesting flowers in interesting gardens
  • Life
  • Walking if not rough underfoot or too far. Especially along canals, rivers,lakes, gardens
  • Family -my husband, son, daughter, daughter-in-law, three grand-daughters
  • Cooking and eating, cooking through tacit knowledge and experimenting
  • Reading about cooking
  • Restaurants
  • Travelling – not the travel but the arrival, New experiences, New cities, exploring new places.
  • London!!!
  • Locality- improving my local high street.
  • Research.

I write about most of these but not all. Some things that make me who I am I don’t, and won’t, write about as they are too personal to me.

So who am I? I am she. She who is small and round and challenged by life to do the best she can with what she has. She who tries to bounce rather than sag and crawl. She who stretches her mind and refuses to admit even physical limits until life pushes back. She who loves and is loved. She who has been fortunate to recognise when opportunity knocked and has understood how to answer the knock – with hard work and perseverance and bounce back attitude.

The next 60 second challenge was to describe my blog.

My blog is about sharing my passions. To explore my experiences and share them in the hope that the person reading my blog will find the same joy in my passions as I do. To bounce through an eclectic collection of thoughts, pictures, and places.

The final challenge was to talk about my important life events. But. For me these are not for sharing. They are my private griefs and loves and will not appear in my blog. Suffice to say I have had my share of both and if you, my reader become my friend, I might tell you about some of them – in private.

I have challenge 6 and 7 to complete. 8 is here and 9 and 10 but these need some technical exploration first. So here’s to my next instalment of becoming a less camouflaged Tigger …


2 thoughts on “Going up: How do my Passions Bounce?

  1. mssprinkle

    Here’s to showing your stripes! I admire your focus on things that make you YOU ina bouncy, trouncy way – and your integrity in holding some things private. Thanks for sharing! Hope the foot mends well.


    1. ukgardenfiend Post author

      Thanks indeed and the foot was painful last night – which is to be expected – but I am sure it will heal well and then I will ready for my next op… Keep up the good spirits and keep blogging – I like your posts!



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