The Blogosphere: Drum Rolls and More

Yes I am one of those ZerotoHero bloggers still trying to catch up with the daily tasks… and because of that I sometime combine tasks and do them in a different order. So here is my next task or two all in one blog.

Task 9 was to go out into the blogosphere and find some more topics and this challenged me – should I explore the topics that already interested me but were not yet on my reading list or should I find some new ideas to look at? Then I had an inspiration – look for a topic that I don’t already blog about but which I am passionate about – and the answer is COFFEE!

Yes, my husband and I are passionate about our coffee. We taste and rate coffees just like wine drinkers. We look for body; burn; bitterness; creaminess; and strength; and rate each out of 5 stars. You don’t want 5 stars in everything or you will end up with a burnt coffee! A balance with little burn but quite a lot of bitterness, some creaminess and good strength is what you are looking for. An Arabica is usually good in London. We are using 100% Arabica from Rainforest Alliance farms. the Rainforest Alliance – -is an international nonprofit organization that works to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods. Basically it ensures that the coffee is fairly traded and is sustainable and supports the ecosystem.

We are also picky about how the coffee is made. We have the best home coffee appliance that we could buy – a Baby Gaggia – as rated by Which Magazine. And my husband carefully makes one cup at a time with perfect crema on the top. Our beans are kept in the freezer until used and we buy Volvic water to use in the machine as it has least residue to affect the taste – we tasted it to confirm this! If you look on the web you will find many scientific sites devoted to looking at the mineral contents of water and how they affect coffee – not to mention the pressure water has and so on.

So off I went into the Blogosphere to find coffee sites of the addicts like us – do they check when they visit independent coffee shops which machines they are using and which brand of coffee? Or blend used? The answer to the blend or brand is that it should be:
Has Bean; or Monmouth; or a blend especially made by a small local producer for the month.
But what did I find? People using instant coffee for making cakes… now you should only ever use instant espresso coffee if you must use instant for cake making, but ‘real’ coffee is always best Or photos of coffee cups – note I have customised my site for coffee and cake for this blog – and I hope to continue to customise my background when I find an interesting new topic to write about. So I needed to explore further and found the sites that I have created a link to – thus working on task 13 as well as 9…I have also added a ‘My Community’ and ‘Recent Comments’ but still need a Twitter timeline feed and then Task 10 will also be complete. My Twitter feed comes from this blog, so I shall have to use another Twitter feed from another of my accounts here – but Twitter is not something I use a lot, I confess.

I have started Task 11 as well as I have commented on other sites but I will talk about that in my next blog which will cover Task 12 as well as there is now something to talk about there – or two things perhaps – feminism and vegetarianism.. hmm which shall I choose – and can I relate them I wonder?

Oh, and I forgot. How can one have a good cup of coffee without some really nice cake to go with it?

11 thoughts on “The Blogosphere: Drum Rolls and More

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    1. ukgardenfiend Post author

      It is easier when in Appearance to deal with all the modifications isn’t it? And trying to settle on a new theme when some don’t support what you want to do is tricky… But I’m learning quite a lot technically anyway.


  2. annainternational

    Me too! If you’re in London, have you tried Store St Espresso? Heavenly, and you can buy some great beans there for home grinding. I also just picked up a vintage Dutch handgrinder which I am loving using for the kitschness, and I swear it tastes better! Current fave is a French Mocha Java I bought at the Costa Rica Importing Co on Bleeker St in New York!
    Love cake too, obvs! Going to follow you if you don’t mind?


    1. ukgardenfiend Post author

      Hi there Anna. Love to have you follow me and will have to try out Store St Espresso.. I’ll work on my husband for bean grinding – I know our son does it but his coffee maker isn’t so good… Hope to be in New York in 2014 so will have to go to Bleeker Street and see what they have there…
      BTW what’s your PhD in? Naughty plug here, but I’ve just published a book on Research Methods if you’re still at that stage – suitable for Business students. Looking forward to reading your blog too…


      1. annainternational

        Hey! So you inspired my blog post today (and my sneaky trip to Store St for a coffee!), so thanks!
        My PhD is in international environmental law and human rights. I’m in the final stages, and research-wise I’ve got a fair bit of experience, 7 years before I started my PhD, so I think I’m okay on that score! But thanks anyway, what a great resource for people starting out, back it the day a law one could have been very useful to me!
        So, have a look at my post today if you fancy!


        1. ukgardenfiend Post author

          Thanks for the nice thought and a really good blog about your area in London – I shall have come on a Thursday to explore your market!
          Talking of human rights, I am just about to complete my inspired blog on vegetarianism and feminism – inspired by reading some of your blogs and there is a distinct link there to human rights or at least to ethics and the human condition. I should get it up tomorrow as off to the cinema shortly and I have a funding bid to review and rewrite too.


        1. ukgardenfiend Post author

          I wonder how many coffee drinkers are that addicted? Although too much can make you jittery and I try to limit my coffee to 2 a day – especially as I like it strong.


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