Can you see London?

Here are a great set of videos and tweets all about London. visiting etc and hosted by the London Eye… why not?

And don’t forget all the other great things you can do in London while you are at it.. We shall be going to the following exhibitons very shortly:

* Klee at the Tate Modern

* Georgian Britain at the British Library

* The Vikings at the British Museum

**** and also we are going on a walk with Open City (Open-City is the capital’s leading architecture organisation. Over the last 22 years it has grown from showcasing the capital’s architecture annually to research, training, advice and campaigns that impact on the whole city.) We have booked for the Slow Architecture: City of London (in) Spires they say:

This one-off walking tour is part of our collaboration with the Royal Academy’s up and coming exhibition ‘Sensing Spaces’.

Taking the ethos of ‘Sensing Spaces’ out into London we are programming walks and tours embracing the idea of ‘Slow Architecture’. These expert-led tours will offer unique opportunities to look afresh at the buildings and spaces around us.

Alex Scott-Whitby of StudioAR, who won the RIBA ‘Forgotten Spaces’ competition with a proposal for turning unused City spires into low-rent creative studios will lead this tour through the City looking at the slow and changing nature of the architecture of the City of London and discuss their project (IN)spires which will take 30+ years to complete.


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