My challenges to do! I am so not up to the mark

The ZerotoHero Challenges:

What I haven’t yet done: any decisions are indicated in italics 

I am so not finished with the Zerotohero 30 day challenges – I have completed around 20 of the 30 and trying to post every day is a nightmare.  In the event , I have managed to complete each time several tasks in one post around once every 5 days. The rest of my life just intervenes – between my two ‘jobs’ one for salary and one voluntary, and my health, and just going out and about with friends and husband. I read someone saying they set aside a specific time each week to write – no chance – my week just doesn’t run like that! So I needed to make a decision about my Editorial Calendar and have decided that if I say once a week something will be posted then if I post more that will be good news..

So I have to:

  1. write a round-up post linking to 3 others saying why;
  2. chat with other participants
  3. add another custom touch – I will keep changing the background image to the blog according to the latest topic.
  4. Setting up drafts for later – except here is one that I have created as a draft and then published – so no more drafts left. All a time thing – lack of that is.
  5. revisit a post and grow it – this will be Feminism as I have collected some new articles
  6. build on my popular content – that must be feminism again – and I have added a vegetarian recipe challenge as I couldn’t find one;
  7. create an editorial calendar and recurring scheduled event – this will be the monthly new vegetarian recipe – last day of the month – list topics to be dealt with in order – not possible but I have listed the topics;
  8. extend the brand – promote – create a new goal for the next 30 days – create a facebook avatar – blog about the goal and the schedule;
  9. publish!

Editorial Calendar:

February onwards:

  • Last day of the month or before there will be a post about the food challenge on that page;
  • Other posts will occur on a roughly weekly basis;

Topics to be covered in my posts:

  1. Feminism will be a regular item
  2. Books I have read will happen – long blogs if they are especially good, otherwise they will appear on the GoodReads widget as I complete them. I will also point towards sites where there are some good reviews;
  3. I will write at least once a month about films or plays or concerts I have seen – but I may have seen them a while ago…;
  4. Walks I have taken; especially around London;
  5. Gardens and houses or other historical places or touristy places I have visited;
  6. Exhibitions I have been to see;
  7. Odd facts and interesting and unusual words or sayings or other oddments;
  8. Occasional knitting ideas;
  9. Anything else that catches my fancy! Including but not limited to health, ageing and old women!

So overall, around 10 major topics that I will blog about but not always in that order and not every month..


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