For the sake of books by and for women…

Hi everyone who likes books and likes to celebrate feminism – as an avid reader I am always searching for sites that give free books or suggest good books to read.. now BookBoon is a great newsblog which reviews books and gives away books in competitions etc – but only in the US to my dismay, but here is another really good site for reviewing books and for celebrating this month, International Women’s Day:

There are lots of events to go to in the UK and excellent suggestions of books to read. So I really recommend you look at this. As they say: For Books’ Sake is an intelligent but irreverent website featuring books by and for independent women, including news, reviews, features and interviews.

I have still managed to keep up with my reading however, but by choosing rather light-hearted books – you can see that I have been focusing in on fantasy by the books mentioned on my GoodReads widget. If you don’t belong to GoodReads and you like books then you are missing out a great deal of fun – they have challenges – I am currently on my 2014 challenge to read 125 books – I managed 96 last year so it may be possible especially as I am ahead of target at the moment. Lots of groups to join, buddies to read with and clubs and even free books and of course interaction with authors too. Many of the new authors have joined the group to let their fans know what is going on and when their next book is due and so on..

Now why have I been so quiet the last few days not to mention weeks… well it is simple, I have been very busy with my charity work and have set up a new blog where I shall be following its progress. So please do go take a look at what we are up to as it is the first of its kind in the UK (can’t speak for the US):

Do come and visit it (first post about to be created) and let me know what you think.


One thought on “For the sake of books by and for women…

  1. Moxie in the Making

    If you’re looking for great books for young feminists, I highly recommend Mighty Girl. Their website let’s you pick by ages and topics, and they spend a lot of time compiling books with positive messages. I’m not sure about their shipping, but you could always use it to find new titles and then look to buy those elsewhere. For you, I’d still read them because kids books are the best! 🙂



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