Spam or what? Not ham that’s for sure.

I don’t know about you but I seem to be getting a great many messages these days that actually read like someone has written them and make sense, yet when you link back to the webpage site they come from you are amazed..

Some ask you come and write a guest blog or to swap guest blogs but they are nothing like your own topics and thus how you could swap articles is somewhat beyond your comprehension.

A significant number talk about their brothers or cousins who have recommended them to read your blog.

Still others ask you a question – like how to solve an issue – or make suggestions of how to improve your site by adding or removing pictures.

In all cases – or nearly all cases – the site linked back to is weird – on one such site the content was even not in ‘english’ but pigeon and was clearly cobbled together.

Why is this happening with even more frequency? Why so many track backs? It is as though particular blogs attract trackbacks or spam comments – see for instance my blog on ‘Lazy – you bet’ where I have added a lot of these comments  just for effect and as an illustration.

What do the sites or the spammers get out of it?

Baffles me and makes me take time trying to work out who is a ‘real’ person and who is just a spammer…

Ham not spam is what I want please…


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