The School of Life: Equality does it still evade us?

I should have really written a post about Feminism here but have not got the time – about due to go on holiday and my charity work has taken up loads of my time recently.

I have read some good stuff though in the Evening Standard – so shall recommend that and the authors who write for it. So here are some good articles on feminism in the Standard you should read:

Lovely story this one… Feminists should have their faces slapped. ooh we are naughty aren’t we?

Stewart Green quit his position as an assistant to Enfield Southgate MP David Burrowes after his Facebook posts were made public.

In one comment, published last month, he wrote: “This country has been a gradual decline southwards towards the dogs ever since we started cow-towing [sic] to the cretinous pseudo-equality demand of these whinging imbeciles.”

Next good story:

Not in quite the same league but still an interesting story from the celebrity news.

On a very different topic again. Turns out many of these bullies are women themselves, especially trying to prevent those aspiring to higher things getting there.. been there myself – happened to me. Didn’t like my woman boss at one time as she nicked my work and passed it off as hers and tried to ensure I wasn’t recognised for my work…

And my final offeirng for today:

Votes for women is all the rage – and in Afghanistan so many women are voting for the first time – let’s celebrate that even if many are still in burkhas!




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