Spring is bouncing merrily in the garden





This time last year (31st March) it snowed. And a Japanese magazine came to photograph it. What they actually photographed was the snow, me digging in the snow, and me tending plants in the garage bundled in a red duvet coat.

This week a reader of that same magazine article clutching a copy of the article under her arm, came to to visit the garden. It was cold but the sun came out and the flowers were wonderful.

Flowers in March 2014 march31st 2014 020 march31st 2014 021 march31st 2014 023 march31st 2014 024 march31st 2014 026 march31st 2014 027 march31st 2014 028

Ten – yes 10! I counted them – clematis are now in flower. The crab apple framed a view from the back walk through the pond meadow and grass bed to the back of the house and patio and pots with tulips.

  • Jim’s wedding cake tree with blossom forming on every branch was central to that view.

Some daffs and hellebores are fading but still many are flowering including flowers for early bees such as pulmonaria (the solitary bee proving very hard indeed to photoghraph with its proboscis extended) and comfrey and then there’s bergenia, epimediums and cyclamen still flowering since November (same plant).

I always the love the intake of breath and often an accompanying explanation that you can get from visitors when they come through our garden gate and look down from our patio (which is several feet above the rest of the garden) to the end taking in the water features and different beds and paths wandering through them.

So now off to Tenerife for a few weeks to see the mountain flowers there.. look out for them when I return!


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