I honour : Yoga, Murder and Mirth

Books I have read April/May 2014

I recently went away for a couple of weeks followed by a long weekend so managed to read a significant number of books – I shan’t bother to review them all in depth but give a few details and star rating for most.

In order of reading then:

  1.  Smoulder: 4*
  2. Burn: 3*

These are Shapeshifter ‘romances’ by Penelope Fletcher. I liked the first and thus bought the second which was not quite as good.

3.The Secret Ingredient by Misty Evans: 4*

I do however object to her stereotype characterisation of someone with osteoarthritis – especially as replacement hips are easy to do and work exceptionally well – and very easy indeed to recover from even if you are 80+!

  1. The Immortal Collection by Eva Garcia Saenz: 4*

Interesting to see how she continues the story. However, it was rather too long and needed some editing.

  1. Let us Prey by Jamie Lee Scott: 3.5*

Gotcha Detective Agency. Writing with a sense of humour and a hint of vampires.

  1. The Ex who wouldn’t Die by Misty Evans: 3.5*

Fun light-hearted ghosts and doing better in purgatory through penance.

  1. A Touch of Ice by Sally Berneathy:4*

Psychics are here! Looking forward to future books in the series and happy to read a book where the heroine is not 100% convinced she is involved with the right man.

  1. A Cutthroat Business by Jenna Bennett: 2.5*

Estate agents as we call them in the UK and dead bodies.

  1. The Throwbacks by Stephanie Queen: 3.5*

Scotland Yard Exchange. Bouncy heroine. Quirky and fun. Very unserious.

10.Maggie for Hire by Kate Danley: 4.5*

Must read the next in the series. Love the Elf and Maggie is a good heroine. Self-deprecating and excellent fighter. Also good description of an authentic alternate reality.

11. When Women Were Warriors by Catherine M. Wilson: 3*

I initially gave this 3.5* but as the book dragged on I dropped my ranking and got bored. It is part 1 of a long saga – very long if this is anything to go by – where not a lot happens but the background is filled in to (presumably) the main characters.

Beautifully written as a story – but why do authors always set their heroic sagas/deeds books in the Middle Ages – barely out of the Bronze Age. No technology beyond the wheel. No underwear! And no jumpers or coats and yet they can sew shirts…why is the wearing of boots in the snow such a novel idea (as against leather shoes which get soaked and then dry out hard and useless) and where are the toilets and hot baths?

Come on you writers of heroic tales – be inventive! Read Terry Pratchett and invent technology that may not have existed in our Western Middle Ages – though they had toilets of sorts even then… you are writing fantasy worlds and don’t have to be true to historic facts – or even near historically truths. Culture, technology, way of life, – if you can change one you can change many – just making women warriors with same sex relationships doesn’t really cut it.

12. Legacy of the Witch by Maggie Shayne: 2*

Re-incarnation romance. Doesn’t make me want to read the series.

13. Highland Shift by Laura Harner: 2.5*

Oh you Americans. Fancy not knowing that there is no such language as Scots! Only the Scottish Gaelic and English with a broad accent and some dialect substitute words…

14. The Ghost and the Graveyard by Genevieve Jack: 2.5*
15. Thankless in Death by JD Robb: 3*
I said this about her last book — not as interesting and rather formulaic. Cut down on the number written per year JD!
16. Room by Emma Donahue: 4*
17. Killer Cupcakes by Leighan Dobbs: 3* too short
18. Chameleon by Bentley J. Jackson : 3.5*
19. ickup Styx by Liz Schulte: 3*
20. The Chase by Adriana Giordano: 3.5*
21. The Secret Ingredient by Misty Evans:3*
22. Enchanted Secrets by Kristen Middleton: 2.75*

One of the books and now I can’t quite remember which one – had a lovely ‘Yoga’ prayer in it which I am copying here.

I honour that place in you

Where the entire universe resides

I honour that place in you

Of love, light, and peace.

I honour that place

Where if you are in that place in you

And I am in that place in me

There is only one of us.



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