No sugar! Courgette and Chocolate

Book Review:

Low Sugar Cookbook

 Nicola Graimes

This immediately caught my attention to read as it began with some really informative chapters about sugar and its alternatives. What was especially good was the simplicity of the explanations and details of alternatives some of which I had never heard of as ingredients but in order to try out the recipes had to find them and buy them! At least I already had Stevia and had used it so was not at all suspicious and was willing to try out the new ingredients suggested.

I particularly liked the explanation at the end of each recipe of the nutritional value of the main ingredients – such as brazil nuts to supply selenium, or that the lycopene in tomatoes protects against heart disease, strokes and destructive free radicals in the nervous system!

However, I am concerned that the book uses a lot of coconut oil, olive oil and sunflower oil or butter only its recipes. It is well known that cooking with olive oil can produce carcinogens and coconut oil high in saturated fat.

Why not use rapeseed oil? Which is low in saturated fat and if you use the first pressed organic virgin oil has a wonderful flavour to add to salads, stir fries and roasting vegs.

I have managed now to buy all the ingredients including Lucuram and Xylitol and brown rice syrup and cocoa nibs, so am now armed and ready to cook my first dish! The savoury recipes all look very interesting as well as the desserts and such a quick and easy way to make your own baked beans! Which you can then flavour as you wish – personally I love them with curry sauce…

Just need the time now.


Also, I was a recently given this recipe for Courgette and Chocolate Cake which I thought I would share as it looks so simple!.

250g plain flour; 375g caster sugar (now here is a chance to substitute as above – wonder what she would put in?); 65g coca powder (now I know she would use cocoa nibs here); 2tsp bicarb of soda; .5tsp salt; 1 tsp baking powder; 1tsp vanilla extract; 4 eggs; 350ml veg oil; 340g grated courgette; 90g mixed nuts.

Gas 4/180C. 20*30cm baking tin.

Stir together flour, sugar, cocoa, bicarb, baking powder and salt. add eggs, oil and vanilla. Mix well. Fold in nuts and courgettes. Pour into tin.

Bake 50-60 mins centre oven.

You can ice if wanted.


One thought on “No sugar! Courgette and Chocolate

  1. ukgardenfiend Post author

    Baked the spiced apple cake last night – dead easy and quick to cook – only 30 mins. Takes a little getting used to the different flavours of the sugar substitutes but really nice with ice-cream



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