The 12 Tribes and a game that ends

I am old enough to remember the golden /hare (vaguely) and all the people trying to solve the clues madly in the search. what it did do was to encourage a lot of people to read the book and here again we have a series of books that will engage the audience. young Adults here and thus encourage reading in general – and I’m all for that!
Truthfully who the author was and what his past exploits were has passed me by and in many respects, as long as he has not been evil, then so what? As far as this book is concerned. He clearly has a vivid imagination! I had to look him up after I read the reviews here and I still haven’t read his memoirs so am not bothered.
The series/concept has already got a film deal which doesn’t surprise me. On completion of the book I immediately started searching for more. More detail of the project; more about the characters not yet introduced ; and so on. The only failing in the concept, that I can see, is the title. If you look up ‘Endgame’ – there are already several books with this title, not to mention a film.
Now the 12 ancient tribes also fascinated me as I didn’t recognise them all. So for the ancient history buffs and the curious like me – here are the tribes / civilisations and some background.
1. Minoan: Ancient Crete
2. Mu: Lost continent – see Call of Duty: Ghosts. Origins of the Mayans?
3. Cahokian: Prehistoric civilisation under St Louis, Missouri – very large – larger than London was in 1250.
4. Koori: Australian Aboriginal people of NSW and Victoria
5. La Tene: ‘Barbarians’ of central Europe during the Iron Age;
6. Donghu: Mongolic tribal confederation of 7th century area in Xianbei and Wuhuan; aka Tung Hu or the Eastern Hu;
7. Olmec: Mexican. Tropical lowlands of S-Central 1500BCE – 400BCE
8. Shang: aka Yin. ruled Yellow River Valley in early Bronze Age 1600-1046BCE
9. Harrapan: Indus Valley Bronze Age 3300-1300BCE from NE Afghanistan to Pakistan and NW India
10. Sumerian:Southern Mesopotamia. 3300BCE-100CE
11. Nabataean: Yemen to Damascus, W Iraq and Sinai Desert. Writing. Petra. largely nomadic but…
12. Aksumite: Eritrea and N. Ethiopia 100-940 CE. Currency. Traded with Rome.


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          Because of your blog title and some of what you have written… not in a bad way of course – but then I am rather ‘punchy’ still from my latest op – see latest blog.


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