Bread to strengthen one’s heart!

I decided that one thing to do to pass my sick leave time was to go back to making bread in my bread machine, which I had abandoned n the corner of the kitchen for a while – over a year indeed. So gaily got some new flour and yeast and switched it on and lo and behold a fuse went and all the lights went out. We fixed the fuse and off I went again and yes, you guessed it a fuse went again. Both times just after the mixing and kneading and before the bake started. conclusion – old machine was done for – no more as they say – definitely a dead parrot!

So Which’s online site was searched as to what they recommended and then we had a choice of two – both by Lakeland but at opposite ends of the price spectrum but both the best buys.

Let’s buy the more expensive one says hubby as it clearly does rather more and so we did and since then i have been working my through the book supplied with the machine and also my own bread machine  cook book by Jennie Shapter which has 250 pages of gorgeous things you can make in a bread machine.

Of course I started with white bread, wholemeal bread, seeded bread, rye and wheat mixed (not very successful) ready mixes (less successful than from scratch) and added milk or egg.

Now I am on to the more exotic. First it was banana bread. That went down very well with some friends who buttered it and ate it with cheese.

This weekend I made bread with a hidden vegetable – a way to get kids to eat them without a fuss – make bread with them.. parsnips!  You’d never know from looking at it – or tasting for that matter. Really nice. The one vegetable bread I am not keen on baking is beetroot. I just don’t fancy the pink colour!

20140927_141655 Parsnip Bread





The second thing I baked was a Bavarian Plum Cake which actually has a bread dough base. I think it could have been taken out of the oven a few minutes sooner but with hot custard it would be delicious… nice cold or warm without though. Maybe ice-cream  or clotted cream? your choice I guess.

I have an order for a caramelised onion bread for our daughter but I shall keep on experimenting…








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