Mixing up the Genres: books and yet more books

All books are reviewed here for NetGalley.

Nowhere to Turn by Lynnette Eason

Apparently the classic abused wife running from husband with the twist of him being law enforcement – in this case FBI.

However, it soon becomes obvious that there is more going on than this, especially after the husband is killed and the wife is still being targeted, followed and generally harassed! Add in stalkers with severe mental issues, corruption, criminal behaviour and it becomes very difficult to know just who the good guys are. Plenty of twists and turns to keep you reading to the end and trying to work out just who is behind it all. Will definitely try and read this author again.

Nun too Soon

By Alice Loweecy

It is a shame when book titles are repeated as it becomes difficult to distinguish one from another – when I looked for more books in this series starting with this title as the author’s name was not easily found on Amazon, I immediately found another series about a nun and private investigations – which also looked fun to read and I promptly bought. That said, the other books in Loweecy’s series are hard to obtain and very expensive, which is a shame as this, it turns out, is the 4th and I would have liked to read the first 2 also to see how the nun became the private eye and married.

So yes, I did enjoy the book and found it amusing and fun to read if not the most difficult and the author apparently was a nun herself so writes with some experience about leaving a convent.

The investigations the character Guilia undertakes are often quite complex and she has an interesting way of tackling them and an empathetic way of running her office, not to mention a kickass set of martial arts skills and a way of reminding people who are misbehaving of their most feared school teacher – the glare usually works. I found silence quite an effective tool also when combined with the glare.. definitely not the ruler! Although I remember it being used on me at school.

I shall look out for more in this series providing they are a reasonable price.


By John J Davis

Well yet more kickass women in this book one of whom is seriously scary. I wonder just how much truth about the Mossad there is in what we are told in the book? Looking up the author he doesn’t say anything about having worked for any intelligence agency but I am sure that the details are available for research. What is interesting is that he admits to having an American Indian in the family just as his father in the family around which the book is written, has. So some of the details would be truthful – or roughly truthful here. He says that the characters in the book are inspired by his dysfunctional family which is not easy to read if you are related to him!

This book is basically a story of agents whose background is in assassination and who then marry and have a daughter with not only high intelligence but who has also inherited their physical skills. Which are many and varied including being a sniper as well as a knife thrower extraordinaire.

I did enjoy the book and will look forward to reading more in the series.

Feast of Fates by

Christian A. (for Adrian) Brown

This is is his first book and he admits it was written over 10 years with several drafts. That said I am not really into this type of fantasy novel and read only 12% of it before getting really upset with the constant mal-treatment (rape and abuse) of women that is mentioned.

I failed to find a storyline that interested me enough to read the remainder. The story of the werewolf was I thought enough without all the other unnecessary violence towards women that the book detailed as part of the ‘evil’ that was stalking the High King and his brother. Not my scene at all and I feel that it is a part of some fantasy genres that should not be encouraged.


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