The animal knitathon

The animals are having a knitathon and showing off what they have made:
The cups for their coffee are on the rug that Hedgehog made; Pussy is still sewing her gloves up; Beagle is sporting his blue hat, and showing off his bells for the tree; Eeyore being always depressed is slow to knit and thus has only knitted 4 tree bells; Teddy has a hat and a bag; Dino kntted a very special small bag; Panda is wearing his jumper and Rabbit made some gloves too. unfortunately Snail failed to make anything claiming that his hands were too small to hold knitting needles and thus is looking very shameful under Pussy’s gloves.
The Animal Knitathon

I’m holding my own knitathon in Willesden Green on Nov 1st and would welcome anyone from the UK and London to come along and see and buy what the animals – and I – have made! If you can’t come, please consider making a donation at: We are trying to raise money through the Big Issue newspaper to provide some winter shelters for the homeless.

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