Are You Commitment Phobic? Pop Quiz:

Book Review:  The Boyfriend Sessions by Belinda Williams

The Quintessential agony aunt


  1.  Do you want to postpone making a decision about a relationship and where it is going?
  2. Are you afraid of being abandoned?
  3. Do you run away from relationships before your partner runs from you?
  4. Are you afraid of marriage because your parents/siblings have a record of marriage break-ups?
  5. Do you choose partners who have nothing to offer you?

If you answered ‘yes’ to three or more of the above then you are a commitment phobe and likely a Queen of Denial too.

You now have to question why you became this way.

The most common cause is a break-up of your family after your parents split up – perhaps with great rancour and despair. Yes, something else you can blame your parents for! And so it was with Christa the narrator of this novel.

This was an interesting novel I thought and actually considered, through its format, some of the issues that you can have with relationships. In some ways, it was a take on the Letters page of any magazine where people try to work out why they are having problems and go to an Agony Aunt to get them resolved.

I gave it 5 *.


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