Hold Still: Families are Complicated

Hold Still by Lisa Regan: a Net Galley Review

Families are complicated these days – his kids, her kids, and their kids. Kids brought up by grandparents, or aunts or uncles. Kids with ‘missing’ fathers, or mothers. or multiple fathers and mothers. Families can come in many shapes, sizes and colours. The so-called traditional family so beloved of politicians where there is mother father and two offspring is rare and rarer still in the US than in the UK due to higher divorce rates.

The US has the highest divorce rate in the world and one which has five times increased during 2014 – as compared to 2013. The UK comes second with around 53% which has doubled in 2013. The other top countries for divorce are number 3. Aruba (An island, ex-Dutch colony, off the coast of Venezuela in the Caribbean), 4. S. Africa; 5. Italy; 6. Ukraine; 7.S. Korea;; 8. India; Canada.[www.top10.com].

This being the case it is not surprising to find a single mum bringing up her sister’s child as happens in this story.

From there we move into a complex story which leaves you speculating just who is the third man and why does he feel the need to be masked? Why did he need to have two accomplices? Why were they willing to work with him and NOT cover their faces?  Who was blackmailing whom? And what about? What was the thing that linked these 3 nasty men and who came up with the scenario that they played out?

So yes, a story where the answer AND the reasons were not obvious although I had guessed the identity of the 3rd man some time before the end, but the reason for what he did was not available until the final chapters.

So plenty of suspense and well crafted writing. I just loved the toddlers in the play shoe store – so true of what would have happened. It would make a good TV show I thought with the script and acting directions already there.

4.5 *


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