Chonies and over the shoulder boulder holsters…

One of the books I have just read – an American book – talked about chonies. Now I had never heard about this word before but assumed it meant panties from the context. So decided, in my best researcher manner, that I really needed to find out more about this new word to me. So off I went to the trusty internet to search out thsi word.

I quite soon found that it was not widely spread in its usage – according to the map I was shown – in fact it comes from the word ‘calzones’ as a slang term used by Mexican Spanish speakers and therefore it is to be found largely in the areas where this ethnic group concentrates.

Having found one new word for panties I thought  ‘I wonder what other slang words there are out there that I might not know about for women’s underwear’ and so began my search for different terms for panties and then bras. Interestingly there are far more different and long slang terminologies for bras than panties and a lot of them come from Australia. You can almost see the bluff Australian female saying these words when you read them aloud – they really do resonate with what we think is the Australian culture of calling a spade a spade but in different and unusual terms!

So here is my list. You may have some to add, I don’t claim this is definitive, after all this was just a bit of fun that I spent an hour on…



  • Choole
  • Chones
  • Skivvies
  • Choniez
  • Grundies
  • Frillies
  • Granny pants
  • Man grabbers
  • Man traps
  • But flossers (thongs)
  • Police line (do not cross)
  • Passion killers (aka granny)
  • Clam openers
  • Oyster catchers
  • Buttbag



  • Over the shoulder boulder holder
  • Dumpling holders
  • Honker hankies
  • Titty tamers
  • Titty tents
  • Breast bags
  • Double barrelled booby holsters
  • The upper decker floppy stopper
  • Keepsemfromfloppen
  • Booby traps
  • Hooter harness
  • Rack pack
  • Chest rest
  • Nipple knapsack

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