Books and more Books: 130 in fact.

My Year in Books: 2014 abstracted

I read 130 books and a few… in 2014 compared to 97 in 2013. The longest book was a compilation of several novels at 2200 pages.

I have 178 books on my list to read but this is probably an under-estimate as this list could never end in reality as there are always more books being published! Thankfully – unlike the Chinese Ming Emperor who surveyed his library and said that there were no more books needed by his subjects and thus this was the complete list of all books that could be / should be read. No more were to be written or published. china had all the books it could need.

I read 36067 pages in 2014 compared to 29043 in 2013.

I really really enjoyed only 6 of these books, but most fell into the 3 and 4 star category.

However, I did give 7 books just 1 star. Mostly this was because I had read 50 pages – the lower limit I have set myself to see if a book works or not – and gone no further or very little further.

Below you can see a diagram with all the books and their covers.

books 2014


I have also included a chart which shows the date that the books were /will be published. Now this is slightly skewed as with NetGalley, most of the books you are offered are ones that are or have just been, published. However, as I belong to a book club also, I do read other books and then there are some I read just for fun.


publ year

Finally, there is a small chart which shows of the books I have read this year, how many have come from NetGalley. Whilst i have been a member of the review organisation for half the year, only a round a third of the books I have read come from this source.




3 thoughts on “Books and more Books: 130 in fact.

    1. ukgardenfiend Post author

      Hi Amelie
      I had to create this from a snip as the actual chart was not available for me – but I suspect it can be found on GoodReads. Are you a GoodReads member? The full list is on page: and you can zoom in on each book to see the ranking. I am not sure if the overview report is still available to look at. But if you are interested in say any 4 stars I can get you a list…. or a particular author or… just let me know.
      Thanks for reading:) Hope to hear from you again.



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